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Wookie arrived!

Greetings! Just an update on Wookie – he finally arrived!
He gets around better than I thought he would and is more active than I was told. He’s a bit grouchy but he explored every inch of the yard. My step to the patio was a bit hard for him so I built a little ramp to cut the distance up in half.
He looks like a little mop. His top coat is pretty brushed out but everything else underneath and with the unused foot is a mess. Also his nails are in really bad shape. So I got out the scissors and we’re gonna see what’s all under that mess. LOL
New vet appointment is in two weeks and the rescue is supposed to email/send all the previous vet records and such (they forgot to bring them along with Wookie).
He’s a cutie under all that though.

Guidance needed for new rescue tripod


I am in the process of adopting a tripod Pomeranian mix from a rescue. He’s only about 8 pounds and one of his rear legs doesn’t work. He pulls it up to his belly when he hops around. He’s kind of a grouchy, but sweet little dog (about 6 years old they guess) and likes to be held, petted and such but if he’s not getting petted he goes straight back to his bed/crate. He doesn’t really like to walk around or play at all which doesn’t seem like the typical personality of a dog in his prime. I am concerned that he may be in some pain from the injury that is inhibiting all but the most necessary activities for him.

The rescue says the veterinary evaluation showed that ‘an old injury’ caused the leg to not be functional anymore. No further information that I have although I have asked for the veterinary reports and xrays.  I think  he came originally from Animal Control so maybe no one knows what originally happened. Their vet  said there was not anything that could fix the injury and since he seems to get around with it like that they just let it be.

Once he arrives I want to have a thorough evaluation of the leg (and everything else, he is supposed to have a grade 2 heart murmur) done.

My question for the forum is: what questions should I ask the vet/specialists? What type of info am I looking for? How do I know if it is pain that is inhibiting his activity or if he’s just ‘normally’ like this (which would be fine with me as long as he’s feeling ok).

I want this little guy to have the best, most pain-free life possible!

Thanks for any guidance!

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